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I love the stealers


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well i gave up on the light on the abs and sent me old girl down to the local dealers to get them to do it. At the same time i booked it in foe an MOT hurra after spending quit a bit on the last one i thought she would sail through with a couple of minnor fault. No way there tester got near it an now all my breake pipes are shot new rear pads and disc lots of welding (3 patches) front pads and a split pin. My mate whos a qualified tester thought the brake pipes was harse and a couple of the points that needed wedded were outside the area that needed to be safe. But i did get a chucckle from the dealers when i walked in to pick the old girl up (your the lad with the 200 000 mile landrover ha/ha) and 250 quid later for and mot and a fault run on my abs light i love how cheap they are :ph34r: but aleast my light s are out rear brakes allready done the rest is for monday ;)

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thanks for all the hints, thats it though. It,s fixed and only one small fire during the welding and a foam party afterwards in the back of the disco. So off to austria tomorrow :lol: lets hope we make it. Up till midnight on tuesday getting it ready for another mot flew through and all smiles so back in a week lets hope. :unsure:

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