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Mercedes 2.5D engine + gbox in SIII 88


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I found a Mercedes Benz 2.5D engine + gearbox (5 speed) for sale, cheaper than the price of a 200Tdi around here. I don't know the condition of that engine and gbox, at the moment, but I'm looking for information about the application of this engine and gbox into a SIII 88, to know if it's "doable" (work-wise and wallet-wise).

I only found info on seriestrek site, but a 2.4 was used and an adapter plate was fabricated. This would not be the case, because the Merc gbox is available, but it would need to mate the SIII transfer (would it be possible?).

Also tried to search on Tery Ann's site, but couldn't find nothing about the 2.5D+gbox...

So, does anyone have info about such mod?

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Provided it will fit in you can fit almost any engine...

If you keep the merc gearbox you will have to get some sort of adaptor made up to connect the merc gearbox to the transfer box. If they were available that would cost a few hundred £ unless you have access to specialist machinery.

As well as that you are likely to meet some other problems:

Sump/oil filter may need modifying to clear the front diff

Exhaust system will have to be fabricated

Possibly the exhaust manifold will clash with the chassis rails

Cooling system will need some work because the hoses will probably not line up

Gearlever will be in the wrong place

Bulkhead / tranmission tunnel will probably need modifying to clear the engine or gearbox

Countless other bits like electrics, fuel connectors, throttle connectors, clutch mechanism

Don't get me wrong, it would make a nice conversion, just don't under estimate the work involved.

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mating the gearbox to trannybox - instead of fabricating at great expense a way of connecting the two solidly, you could use a remote transfer box.

So you would need to make a gearbox crossmember and then make a (very) short prop to go from the merc gearbox to the input of another tranny box and make a transfer box crossmember,

Lots of 4x4 use remote transfer boxes. Suzuki, toyota hilux, lada cossack etc etc etc

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does anyone know what the hp is of this engine as i remember those merc vans were dead slow on motorways even with an empty van mite be better to fit a 2.25 diesel engine in as the performance will be similar i would have thought.



1962 2a swb 200 tdi.

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