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Slightly OT - SDS drills


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My 6 year old drill let out all the smoke on Sunday (and a fair few sparks too!) which I put down to a lot of abuse drilling slowly through steel (single speed drill with pooter speed control wotsit) and filling it up regularly with grinding dust!

So, looking at past threads on here I know I need to find a two speed drill, but as SDS seems to be becoming more widespread is it worth the investment now? I presume I would have to re stock with SDS bits etc?

If the verdict on SDS is no then wheat about this non SDS drill?

It will have to serve for all DIY - not just Landy work.



Oh, and is it possible / worth it to repair the old one - 1000W Bosh affair?

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sds drills are big heavy things with loads of torque. good for masonry with the hammer action. Really, I buy when price is right - once or twice a year, Aldi have some powercraft gear in - it's quite cheap (1500w drill =<£20, sds = about £30ish, I seem to remember), so you can have the right sort for the job. You wouldn't want to be stuck wiv the sds for many of the jobs you're doing - just too damn heavy. ON the other hand, it comes with a standard chuck aswell, to use your existing bits


p.s I wouldnt try to fix the bosch, much as I like them

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SDS bits are common in the construction trade , But the engineering trade still use Jobber bits . I havent seen many SDS bits for steelwork ,mainly mason bits .

Screwfix are doing a nice Lion Makita 18v cordless drill with a 1/2" chuck for £149 ,I had one for xmas as a prompt to get on with some DIY , but it has spent most of its working life in the workshop :lol::lol:

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SDS would not really suit your needs.

I would definitely buy a Bosch drill as their quality for drills is very good, combined with a 3 year guarantee.

For reference you can use standard bits in a SDS by using a chuck adaptor, as i use mine with holesaws most days.

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Screwfix are doing some good deals at the moment - Ni-cad batteries are about to be made illegal but nobody's sure when the impending legislation is coming and whether it'll be retrospective so everyone's punting their NiCad stock out cheap while they can still sell it. For £80 I got a cordless drill and a mains drill, both DeWalt. Quite impressed with both so far.

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I have a wonderful 20+ year old Bosch SDS pnumatic hammer drill. Absolutely love it for drilling masonery. Absolutely carp for drilling steel. The SDS system has proved superbly tough for over a quarter century of hammering through brick and concrete but the SDS chuck has a tiny amount of play in it. This is not a problem in masonery drilling but when a 1/2" chuck and adaptor has been fitted then the play translates to a few millimeters of play at the tip of the drill bit. This makes it more difficult to drill accurately.

I use a conventional rotary only drill for drilling in metal as the whole set up is shorter, more stable and more accurate. I also get a better speed range for metal drilling this way.

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Yeah, that looks nice, the blue Bosch tools are the pro range, whereas the green ones are DIY..

I'd recommend either Bosch or Makita... I've got plenty of Dewalt tools aswell, but am not convinced they are quite as good as Bosch/Makita...

do you have a compressor? if so what about an air drill?

oh, and SDS is awesome for drilling through brick, but not really the right tool for wood/steel.

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Cool, will probably buy tomorrow for delivery before the weekend unless I get a warning off from someone with first hand experience. of this particular model... :unsure: .

No compressor and even if I did, I would still buy a mains drill - it will get plenty of use on household DIY as well as bodging crafting Land Rover stuff! :)


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