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Cleaning inside a intercooler ??


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i washed mine out with petrol, then soapy water. shook it to get as much as poss out, then piped it back up, but left the top hose off before the inlet manifold and revved the engine up a bit.. turbo kicks in and hey presto! engine bay and everything covered in water and bubbles!!

keep it revving for a while until there isnt anything else coming out of the intercooler..

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Maybe you have access to a vacuum cleaner (with the hose fitted to the other end), hair drier or an air gun. Or simply let it outside for 24 hours or so.

Another quicker way is to let it dry for an hour or so, fit the intercooler back but don't connect it to the engine side, only on turbo side. Fit the upper hose and route it away from engine compartment. Then run the engine at high rpms for an other hour.

There are no other non flammable products that would clean the heavy fractions in the oil deposited in there. Water and detergent might do it if you have a way to boil the whole thing.

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