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The Northern Challenge Series Round 1

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:) Entries are now open for Round 1 of The Northern Challenge Series to be held at Lea Bridge near Matlock, Derbyshire, The event is a 2day event for teams of 2 vehicles the cost is £75 per vehicle and anybody wanting to take part in the series of 6 events as part of a championship will have to pay a one of £20 membership fee to join the club but you will entitle to a discount for signing up for 3 or more events as part of the championship. Entries are open to MSA clubs and you only need to join the club if you are wanting to be eligible for the championship. Those of you wanting to take part in the event s on a as and when basis will just need to produce your MSA club card and pay your entry fees.

We have listened to feed back and the special stages will be vehicle based and spread over the 2 days.

The competition schedule for the two day events will be as follows: Scruitineering and Signing on will be Saturday 08:30 till 10:00 with competition starting at 10:30 till 16:00 with evening competition starting at 18:00 till 21:00 some of this may be in the dark.

Sunday 10:00 till 15:00

The punches will be dealt with throughout the competition using a draw system. You will need to draw a punch ticket from event control that will correspond with punch numbers marked on the event map, you can then go off and get the punch or punches. When they have been completed you return to the event control to draw another punch ticket and this carries on until you have either completed all the punches or you have run out of time.

On all events you will get free food on the Saturday night with free hot drinks, followed by a free breakfast roll and hot drinks on the Sunday morning. Meal tickets will be provided to both team members, these must be produced in order to claim your free food.

Our events will cost £75 per vehicle for the 2days and are for teams of 2 vehicles.

The Northern Challenge Series Technical Regulations, Supplementary Regulations, and Entry form are available now on our website at www.badlrc.co.uk/winch.htm

For more details or to answer any questions please contact the event entries secretary Eric Toyne on 01629 636484 or by email email click here

We will send each competitor a copy of the final instructions relevant to each round by post or email prior to each event.

Please get your entries in early for the Northern Challenge Series and we look forward to seeing you at our first round on 25th & 26th April 2009 at Lea Bridge near Matlock Derbyshire.

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