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The meeting was at Cravens Arms and went well as usual. Me and Ray from CRAG, Gareph for LAF/CRAG, Tim Stevens for LARA, Richard Knight and Kev Jones for Salop RoW and Dave Cowell NT. The coffee and biscuits were fine.

RK has been asked to ensure that a copy of the definitive map and list of Streets are held as it was at the commencement of NERC. The purpose of this to make sure nothing gets 'lost' as time goes on!.

Shrops RoW will become responsible for UCR's in around 12 months time, they are taking this duty over from highways but before they do they are carrying out a full survey of all Shrops UCR's. Most of the survey has been done.

CRAG will be working with Shrops RoW by assisting with some lane repairs, the first will be Bush Farm which is currently a mess. It was considered for a TRO but this was defferred and hopefully we can get it back into shape soon with around 100 tonnes of stone.

Various other repairs are also lined up,

The footbridge at Rowe Lane to be replaced.

Five turnings, Stowe. drainage improvement and stone up ruts.

Diddlebury needs a few small repairs to the work we did in 2007.

Lybury North, the section between the two streams needs approx 20 tonne stone to fill in the long rut and cut back the overgrown hedge.

BOAT 5 is still due to be opened as soon as we have time to finalise the repairs.

Anybody who would like to help or wants more information either pm me or pop into the next CRAG Black Country meeting at Caunsell.

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