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3.5 v8 Inlet Gasket


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Any recomendations as to which gasket to get? currently i have the pressed ally style one on there, and i think it's sprung a leak, as the Disco had leaked on the floor this morning - no sign of any damaged hoses. I had a look underneath, and it is coming from the back of the engine somwhere, as it has run down the gearbox x-member.

Why do i suspect the inlet gasket? When i did the head gaskets last year, there was a small amount of damage to one part of the gasket, at the back of the engine, nothing major, just a slight crush injury.

I know there are two types available, the pressed tin one (currently on there) or the composite cardboard style one.

Which one is the best to use?

Cheers all

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I would use the composite one and also use silicon sealant around the water passages.

However, this may not be your leak.

On the 3.5 the heater pipes are rubber at the front end going into steel along under the inlet then rubber again to the bulkhead. The rubber could be perished or split and the steel pipes may have rusted out.

Run your fingers along the back edge of the cylinder head to block joint and see if the head gasket has been extruded out of the joint (ask me how I know).

Check the pipes running to the heat chamber under the throttle body. If they are leaking the water runs along the top of the rocker cover and down the back of the engine.

For all of these it may be worth pressurising the system so you can go hunting.

I had a thought the other day when people were talking about the plastic filler plug on the top of the rad and replacing it with a brass one from B&Q. It would be quite simple to make one with a schrader valve in it to pressure test a system.


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