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TD5 fuel pressure regulator

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The fuel pressure regulator needs replacing on my early TD5 (unless anyone has had success repairing one). Les Henson has a Tech Archive 'how to' which I anticipate getting oily fingerprints on - http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=25537 . There seems to be a choice available between £75 and £100 (inc VAT) so my question is whether to get a Genuine Parts one or not - given that price seems broadly similar my preference is for one that won't start leaking in about a year from now.

Has anyone fitted one which has started leaking after a while? If so who made/supplied it and how long did it last? And has anyone fitted a replacement that is still going strong after many miles and if so...?

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usually its the O rings that start leaking...i tried to replace the O rings but....mission failed...after i put everything back and started engine it was like an open tap of fuel running under my 90. and as Bogmonster said i had to buy the whole thing...i think the fault from landrover is that the casing of that pressure regulator is made from aluminium and its a bit soft as a material to resist that pressure of fuel inside there and so the casing "erodes" sort of and starts leaking from the o rings.

sorry my english hope i'm understood...not from england


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