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A-Bar Rebel 4x4

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I need an A-Bar for my air-con Defender 110.

Was looking at the one marketed by Rebel 4x4. Are these reliable and trustworthy people, both in terms of the quality of what they sell and delivering what they say they’ll deliver when they say they’ll do that?

(I asked them about another item, too, but they aren’t in a big hurry to reply).

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We deal with Rebel, they can be a bit short on communications sometimes (though better now than they used to be) but the stuff we have bought is mostly decent - I can't speak for the aircon A bar as I've not seen one, but the standard non aircon A bar is very good and virtually identical to the one Land Rover used to sell as a genuine part.

Chequer plate etc is nowhere near as well finished as the genuine LR stuff but you wouldn't expect it at the price - it is fine for what you pay. Mostly good value in my experience.

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i've got diff guards, steering guard and jackable sills had no problems up till my last RTV, i did bend the steering guard when i hit a rock. i have stratened it and welded in some braces to stop it doing it again(i hope).

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My 90 has their steering guard, A-bar (non-aircon), front light guards, and rear bumperettes on it.

Seems the previous owner was partial to Rebel4x4 stuff. I have to admit, it does all seem to be well made. Haven't managed to majorly damage anything yet, the rear bumperettes have already proved their worth when I reversed into a wall. Bent the bumperette, but saved my lights :)

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