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Fitting Cooling Vents to 90 / Defender / Challenge Front Wings

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I have a similar post on here from a while ago when I had cooling probs on the V8

Fitting 2x Kenlowes did help hugely, but there is still the issue of getting the heat OUT

as much as blasting it in through the radiator. I fitted the 200/300 / TD5 vents ...one

to each wing and wow what a difference......

When I then fitted the new challenge wings I didn't bother, I wondered if I really needed them

answer soon showed up that yes - I did :(

So, today I redid the vents - as in plural, if one vent each side was good, then twin vents will be even

better, this is a quick how to guide.

Ist - decide on the orientation of the 2x vents, I had to take account of the cage down tubes ..

I have used one of each flavour and decided on this shape :

post-22-1238256274_thumb.jpg post-22-1238263831_thumb.jpg

Then I made up a simple template, so I could always get a match on both the other side and an easy way should

I mash a wing and want to replace wing / vents etc. The template was then fitted and permaenant marker run around both side,

then the 8x corners were hole sawed out , and a jig saw then between the holes. Masking tape is good here

as sliding a jigsaw when cutting over a wing will often damage the paint surface, once cut remove masking tape :)

post-22-1238256296_thumb.jpg post-22-1238256308_thumb.jpg

The vents are normally held in with horrible little plastic thin "Tangs" into plastic plugs - which often snap off, also for what I am doing here

they often don't sem to like to fit quite right, so here I cut off all the fixing studs and drilled them out with a 5,2mm drill

fitted to the wings, drilled through the ali wing where they are going, then redrilled those holes to take Rivnuts

then simply shoved domed allen bolts in to suit


When its up to temp and the fans kick in the amout of air movement is superb :)

Thought it may be of use to the V8 Boys :)


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