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failing condensors


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Seem to be having some more trouble with my rangie!

Its a 1984 3.5 on carbs with an old fashioned points distributor. Been laid up a little while with a busted rear diff, which i fixed yesterday. Wouldn't start so i started going through the usual checks. Come up with a faulty condensor which i swapped out for my spare. After that it started up but only running on 3 cylinders, but definately running. So i stripped out the plugs to clean the gunge off (thinking that would get the others going). Go to start it up again but no joy, apparently the new condensor has failed as well!

So anybody got an idea why condensors would keep failing? I only bought britpart ones so i might try genuine part next time (if they still exist).


ps To be honest i've just about had enough of the old girl, might be time to sell and go back to diesel.

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