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Went playing around Barnstaple


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We went out on Thursday from Barnstaple over to Taunton on Greenlanes. It was AMAZING, I can't believe what these vehicles can do.

Started off on a very steep decline, tight lanes and trees smaking off the car, the next lane was the same but going up hill on a very steep slope over stone and slate, the third lane was a problem and we got stuck, but 2 hours later and lots of effort using a hand winch got us on our way... And then some more, it was FANTASTIC..



That is a STEEP slope, my Disco is WAAAY higher than the the 90


Big descent


This photo was taken perfectly level, you can see how steep it is, we just came down that, and also the difference in height between the left and right side of the track



The 90 we were with


On the way up....


We got stuck and I had to get out.... Unfortunatley the lane was a bit narrow here... And I had to get out through the window..


No.. Really...


Here's where we were stuck


We got over it and had the same problem with the rear, even with a 90 pulling us we had to give up and do some digging and get the hand winch out


We got wedged against the lane wall


This might make more sense


A few more battle scars on the Disco now


Get the winch out again.!!!!




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any chance of letting us know where they are as i dont know of any legal lanes in somerset

Hey wozza35, me and the missus went looking for a cottage last year in stogursey everywhere was flooded @ the time, and I loved the ford that runs between the houses

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