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Body Roll

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Morning All,

My Defender (200Tdi – 91’ year) seems to have a fair bit of body roll or wobble round bends.

This is made to feel worse when going out in my mates 300Tdi which seems to be planted firmly to the ground

when cornering i.e. non or very minimal body roll.

My springs and shocks may possible be the originals.

My question is, in your opinions is it worth getting new ones, I don’t want to lift the landy just stay the same, so I was going to swap the shocks for some Armstrong ones but the springs I didn’t know if to go for normal or heavy duty ones?

Will the HD ones give me a lift?

What do any of you suggest?



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Has the 300tdi got anti roll bars fitted?

My '89 90 is on the original springs and it has less (perceived) roll than my '98 110.

If you really want to worry yourself take a rear wheelarch spat off and watch the tyre/wheelarch distance change in the mirrors as you go round corners!

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I noticed a big change in body roll/stiffness when I changed my '89 90 for my current one, the newer one rolls a lot more than the old one did, however the front articulation is a lot better on the new one.

I put this down to the suspension bushes, particularly the front radius arm ones, the old 90 had polybushes (or similar) and the extra stiffness of these resists the twisting action of the front axle, the current car has the original fairly soft rubber bushes which are much more compliant. Both cars had the original springs and shocks and neither had anti-roll bars fitted so that was the only difference as far as I could see.

I've since treated my current 90 to a 2" lift with Bearmach +2" springs (blue ones) and Pro Comp shocks but it's not really much different, I think the slightly stiffer springs are offset by the higher C of G, but then I was trying to improve articulation not reduce body roll.

Changing the shocks (dampers) won't reduce body roll much if at all and on their own won't give you a lift.

HD springs would do more to to increase stiffness than anything except perhaps adding an anti-roll bar and maybe replacing the radius arm bushes.

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I have the same problem too but on the 300tdi Discovery it had new damper fitted last year and it made no difference at all.

There are made by Monroe but still have standard rubbers so I think I try them first as my 200tdi has ploy bushes fitted but standard dampers and springs, and that feels safer than the 300tdi!!

If you fit new bushes could you let me know how you get on and I will do the same if I beat you to it? Best of luck ......JJ

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Thanks the replies.

Yes, JJ,

I think i'll go that way and swap some bushes.

Going in for an operation in 3 weeks then i'll be flat for about 4 weeks.

Nothing serious but dont know how long it will be before i can start crawling under the landy again

But if i beat i'll post it up here.



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