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110 rear drum brakes adjusting

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i have fitted replacement adjusters on my 110 83 and cannot adjust them to get a good peddle, the rear shoe each side does not adjust right up to the drum, the adjust turns full circle without touching the drum, i have tried both cams in kit all ways round, new drums and shoes, even welded the cam to bolt so no slippage but will not shove shoes out far enough to brake without 3-4 push's, checked with craddock who state cams are correct so am mystified, anyone had same problem

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This sounds similar to the problem I found when I first changed the shoes on my 110 (200tdi with Salisbury axle). I wasn't paying attention to which way the shoes were and put them on back to front. This meant that only one of the adjusters was coming into contact with one shoe. The relationship between the adjusters and the pins on the shoe backings is different depending on whether you are looking at the leading or the trailing shoe. Both adjusters on each side will now lock the wheel if needed.

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thanks for that, i just had the drums off for a shufty and even with a tape measure all four shoes are exactly the same including the position of the brake material on the shoe, on some pics i have seen it is higher on one side but all four the same so i am afraid the search continues

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