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Removing Aircon

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Hi. I'm preparing a 110 for an overland trip next year and want to remove the aircon. Its an ex-army truck (was based in Nepal), and was originally built by Special Vehicles. Has anyone experience of removing aircon, or can point me in the right direction? I doubt taking the kit off much of a problem, but getting the heating right afterwards is the bit I'm unsure about.

I'd also like to refit vent flaps in the bulkhead as these have been replaced by plastic blanking plates - something I've never seen before.


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Can i ask why you would want to remove the air con, surely on an overland trip it would be useful?

I thought my post may stimulate this response - sounds crazy doesn't it? :rolleyes:

I drove a (shhhh!) Suzi 413 to Mongolia in 2007 via the 'Stans, and the weather was really hot. No aircon, and waiting at the border to get into Uzbekistan the inside gauge showed 57.4 degrees C! Melting hot! Generally though, the temperature was about 38 - 40, and we noticed how we became acclimatised fairly quickly. So, rather than suffer thermal shock each time we step out of an artificially cooled interior, and never getting used to it, we decided to shed the weight of the AC in favour of a fridge to cool the beers.

Can't argue with that logic surely?


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Standard LR factory fit air con is completely isolated from existing heating/ventilation. So if you pull it out you'll have a big hole in the bulkhead but no issues with existing heating/ventilation.


Thanks Steve,

My unit appears to be bolted to the front of the heater unit, maybe its not a standard LR , although it does have the LR branding on it. :unsure:

Anyone know where I can get the vent flaps and mechanism from?


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mid eighties 110's had the vent flaps removed when the a/c was fitted. Something to do with the ducting behind the dash I think. A few blokes here have re-installed the vent flaps.

Other than that tid bit I can't really help, sorry. Oz spec Tdi's had a totally different system than the ROW, it all fits in the passenger footwell and takes all the space up inside the cab.....

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