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What's this behind drivers side dickie seat 300TDi?


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Doing a bit of work to put in a full length false floor (watch this space) and noticed that behind the dickie seat on the drivers side there are two vents one on top of the other. The flap moves easily with your finger but no effect with the fans on


Any idea what these vents are???

Also, see the bunch of wires nearest the vents. That exits through the floor and goes to the 12n socket in the tow bar. Two of the cables are taped off and seperated from this bunch (the two with red caps on the end that look like LEDs), using a 12v flourescent light with crocodile clips I have established that these are a permanent feed from the battery and bypass the ignition (as you would find in a 12s socket).

I'm thinking of using these to power a twin or triple cigarette socket in the floor/drawers/cabinet I'm building. Can anyone see a problem with this? It would allow me to use the socket for things like 12v inflatable pump for matress and so on when camping.

Going to wire another 12v flourescent light into the boot light to provide more light when the door is opened.

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They are the flap vents to let flow - through fresh air exhaust to the outside. Otherwise with all windows up, it couldn't escape.

It wouldn't make any difference on Recirc, but Fresh needs to exhaust somewhere.

You may find a pair on the other side as well, or they may have placed them together. My '95 facelift has one each side.

Shut the car up tight & switch the fan on fresh high. You should feel the exhaust air blowing out at that location.

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as for the wiring..

The cabling does not look like it is that big... (cross sectional area) so personally I would only use it for powering low amp stuff such as phone chargers pda etc... especially if you don't know where it is fed from.

For compressors and the like I would be wanting some heavier stuff for the currents involved... if you can get the max load required I or someone could size a 12V conductor for you. I would then possibly have it switched through a relay of the ignition so it won't flatten the battery if something is left connected.

Standard relays are 40 AMP, so if you wanted to work on this figure, cable size would need to be around 10mm2... fairly big



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