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Extracting a broken drill bit...?


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Hi Al,

Can you drill from the other side up to the broken bit and then drive it out with a pin punch?

Another way to deal with it is to cut the piece out with the broken bit and replace with a new piece of 20mm , prep the weld joints , and weld the new piece in , then drill the 3mm hole . Its always wise to 'peck' with the drill - lift out every 3-4mm of cutting depth to clear the swarf from the flutes.



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A variation on Fridge's idea - drill a 3mm hole in a piece of thin plate - 3mm or so.

Position the hole over the broken bit and blob some weld in.

Might be easier this way to keep the plate in the right place as you weld??

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Well, that was odd.

I planned to follow Steve_B's advice and drill in from the other side to punch it back out the front, but in the end I inadvertantly followed Simonr's suggestion and drilled straight through the old drill bit from the reverse side. I planned to stop when I hit the old drill bit, but the 5mm drill I used didn't even indicate when I'd got there, so I just kept going - like drilling cheese!


Ta Al.


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