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Break down cover


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I need to sort out some breakdown cover for my 90, Its not really so much breakdown but recovery from anywhere in the UK. Ive looked at greenflag and RAC as they seem to be the best bet.

AA seem to do a relay so if your in scotland you could end up being picked up numrous times?

any input would be great whos best and whos cheapest?



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RAC & AA will transfer you at certain points on a long journey 1 to keep their operators in their home areas & to help them comply with driving hours rules. AA has always had transporters in it's fleet & RAC added some a few years ago.

not sure who is cheapest but both will if busy send a garage contractor out instead.

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I'm signed up to RAC with all the trimmings but I wouldn't describe it as cheap! £244.38 This covers roadside, recovery, at home. onward travel and European for myself and my wife on a personal basis, (whatever vehicle we're in). As the membership is through a car club it covers older vehicles as well, (just as well, seeing as the Morgan is 37 and the LR110 is 20; the Beetle is a mere stripling at 6!).

My only issue with RAC is "Control" can be a bit officious, "...patrols can only fit parts they supply", but in practise the patrols are delighted that you can produce the correct small spares; (poly-belts on Land Rover, points and condenser for the Mog).

I've heard good things about Green Flag and some nashing of teeth over the AA, but experienced neither myself.

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I'm with Britannia Rescue (via CSMA, so a bit discounted), renewal is due but I expect it to be 150-160 for almost identical cover to Jeremy. Only named vehicle covered in Europe, but you can change it at will. I think I've called them out 4 times in 19 years! Once to an accident, once I decided I could self recover before they could get to me, and twice with breakdowns I could not fix. They can be a bit slow getting out and as they are smaller much more likely to send out a local agent which means you are less likely to be fixed at the side of the road. They don't have an age restriction on vehicles which RAC and AA did the last time I looked elswhere.

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I've been with the AA for most of my driving life.

When my 6x6 broke a bit made by A.N.Other in it's first transfer box near Preston the AA took me back to London with a swap over in Birmingham.

When I threw a timing belt in Snowdonia they first sent a van with a fan belt and then several hours later they sent an RAC truck to take me to Birmingham and then AA took me back to London.

Another time I threw a timing belt in East London and the took me, fully loaded with scrap steel, to the Norfolk coast. They gauged the weight by loading the 6x6 and checking if the recovery truck tyres touched the mudguards. They didn't so I got recovered. I reckon the tyres touched on every bump though.

I've had hire cars from the AA during relays when I had a dog with me.

I've had hire cars to keep for the duration of a holiday while they took my breakdown home for me.

The AA have been great and they generally only use their own trucks and not local contractors so you know what sort of recovery truck is coming. This may matter or it may not but it is reassuring.

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I've been with the AA all my motoring life and always had good service from them.

Started with my Triumph 2000 throwing a conrod on the M4. Opened the bonnet with all my mates standing around and said I'll give it a poke on the starter and see what it sounds like' At the resultant clatter I said I think it's f****d. A voice behind me said I think your right...want to join. 2000 was then loaded onto the trailer behind nice AA mans Landrover.

Best incident was waiting for the recovery wagon after breaking a timing chain.

Driver swung round the corner and a big grin came across his face.

As he got down from the cab he apologised profusely for laughing out loud at my predicament.

Then said "See it from my point of view, it's my first day on relay and when they said I've to pick up a bright yellow bubble car I thought they were pulling my plonker".


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