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Part number check please

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Is the cable between the alternator and starter (main charge cable) the same part number on a 90 200tdi without aircon (45A alternator) as the same cable on a 90 200tdi with aircon (65A alternator).

Wanting a definate answer to "do i need to change the cable when fitting a 65A alternator".


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It's part of the engine harness & if your uprating the alternator all the main power cables from Alt to starter & battery need uprating to cope with the increased amperage.

Thanks western. I was hoping that just changing from the standard 45A to the standard 65A would meen that i could just leave the standard wiring but i suppose its nothing of a job to change it while i'm there.

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110 parts book shows different part numbers for the 200Tdi engine loom with a 45amp or 65amp alternator, so there must be a difference between the looms to need different part numbers,

these are also common looms to the older 2.5TD engines the 65amp version is PRC6082 for TD & 200Tdi from November 1989 onwards.

hth :D

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