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K&N Filter Service


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I will have to clean my K&N air filter soon.

I know that there are service kits consisting of cleaner and oil.

However, they are hard to get in Ireland and I'm thinking of alternatives.

I'm sure that for cleaning break cleaner will do the job, but I don't know what kind of oil I should use for it.

Can I used WD40, which would be convenient?

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If I were you, I would go through the hassle of trying to get the genuine K&N cleaner kit.

Get the real thing, have it shipped over, & pay whatever you have to......

......it lasts for years, and you wont have to go through the agro of doing it all over again for a very long time.

At least then you will have the peace of mind that you have not had to bodge it.

Surely the P+P to the Emerald Isle wont be THAT much from someone over here?

My 2p.


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I serviced my old mans C2 over the weekend. He fitted a K&N some time last year. We used 'this' kit to clean and oil the air filter. For the cost and the lifespan of the filter if serviced as it should, it doesn't work out that expensive, and better for the environment.


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As far as I know K&N filters are woldwide used for quarry and construction plant.

They must have done a hell of a good job to convince them all to buy sh8.

Or is the 300 tdi more sensitive?


Good one, April 1st and all that.

Seriously, no earth moving gear anywhere in the world uses a K&N, they wouldn't last a day.

Construction and ag gear worldwide use either Donaldson, Cummins/Fleetguard or Mann-Hummel elements.

If I find isuzurover I'll point him this way. Ben is a filter research engineer, he's consulted to the biggest filter companies in the world (the three I listed) and passionately dislikes K&N's. They are really, really old school, the only thing they have going for them is their flow rates (as the holes are so big) and pretty much only keep rocks out.

We did some tests here using very sensitive lab equipment and cellulose fibre (paper) and K&N's. I supplied most of the filters, isuzurover did the tests.

With the first lot of tests, Ben had to check that the small particle size being fed into the filter it was being fed in the correct side, so much was registering upstream !

They are good for a clean race track, and nothing else.

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I have some filter cleaner and a can of oil .... And a 300Tdi filter that don't work and never did whether oiled or not.

But maybe in Oireland a K&N will be ok as it rains all the time. Seriously, you might as well have no filter at all.

The thought of a K&N on earthmoving equipment makes me shudder.

remember the filter has a million-mile warranty. This doesn't unfortunately extend to your engine :D

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Pretty pictures are nice but one sentence sums it all up.

"Compared to the AC, the K&N “plugged up” nearly 3 times faster, passed 18 times more dirt and captured 37% less dirt."

Don't get hung up on the brand, read it as

"Compared to the cellulose fibre (paper) the oiled cotton gauze “plugged up” nearly 3 times faster, passed 18 times more dirt and captured 37% less dirt."

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Get a clean piece of cloth over you vacum cleaner pipe and put the air filter over the end and vacum up some dust

the dirt on the cloth is getting through the filter

after doing this with a K&N i fitted a standard filter on the car I was running at the time.

they are not free flowing for nowt.

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Just for your interest, this is K&N's reply as I confronted them with what has been said here:


Thank you for your enquiry. The world is littered with doom and gloom forums to the extent that one would avoid purchasing anything if one took notice of all the reasons not to buy. K&N have been manufacturing air filters for forty years. It is worth noting that our product was originally developed for off road desert racing, i.e. the Baja 1000. Today we produce for just about every type of internal combustion engine from F1 to the very latest models of car, motor cycle, ATV, watercraft etc. etc. Please see the link below but of course the choice is yours whether it’s a bottle of milk or a new house.



Don Marshall

Technical Assistance


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When has racing ever been proof that a product (especially one who sponsors the team) is any good? F1 engines are not designed with a long life in mind, a lot of racers run with no air filter at all. If a bit of oily cotton was that good it would come from the factory with it in, I can't believe it's any more expensive to make cotton than paper filter media. Best fit a HiClone, fuel magnet, HHO generator and some slick50 while you're there ;)

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OK, I will be the minority "for" voice then!

I have not bothered replying in favour of K&N in this thread, as this subject can end up going round in circles for ages.

Also, I have a lot of respect for the wealth of knowledge of several of the members who HAVE commented about the negatives regarding these filters. They know what they are talking about, and I dont doubt them, or their opinion.

However, I swear by K&N filters, having used them for years, in a multitude of vehicles - mainly sports cars, and lately obviously in my Defender.

As I am not really into off-roading per se, and only use my vehicle for predominantly road use, with mild greenlaning when I can, I am not that bothered about all the figures relating to amounts of dust allowed through a K&N, as I dont get into dusty situations that often.

Saying that, and with my respect for this forums' members opinions in mind, I always carry a spare genuine Land Rover filter that can be changed at a moments notice.

This is primarily for Trans-Africa, where I will have an extended period of Sahara driving to contend with.

Thats just my little voice in favour of K&N, and I dont want to start a debate or argument, but I really do like them.


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i have a 'pro comment'.

as a very temporary measure it was handy to have one lying around in the garage when we did a tdi swap on a mates 110 - as we ran out of time to build the airbox and brackets in the engine bay and just slapped the K&N filter to a bit of pipe cable tied to the inner wing!

That stayed on for .... oooooh, must have been a whole week before we got the willies about it killing his new engine and we did the brackets the following day!

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