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Excellent Service - Credit where credit is due

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Ta Da.... missed me?


Whilst out in the quarry last Saturday, I manged to break something in the front axle, I lost drive to the offside front, but without the usual bang clunk noise, rather more a fine grating noise. So I put it down to the splines on the drive flange failing.

Anyway, a quick strip down of the hub revealed more, so fully stripped down the axle assembly to find the inner cv cage had collapsed, taking the halfshaft splines with it.

Both are from Ashcroft Transmissions and are the heavy duty type, so I took a couple of pictures, emailed them through Sunday evening, I had a response 7.40am Monday morning! requesting I send the cv back to Dave at Ashcroft. I decided to call Dave to see if he wanted the halfshaft as well, he said no, that was obviously dead, but the cv could possibly be repaired as it was only the inner cage which had gone, and they have since improved it further. Then he suggested I take the nearside cv out and send that also, he would upgrade it before it broke.

Both the CV and Halfshaft to be replaced without question!

I sent the cv's in on Tuesday, received them back on Wednesday AM!!!!

Fantastic Service and a product well worth its money.

These shafts and cv's have been through situations that would see off standard landrover components in a heart beat.

Credit where credit is due, I would recommend these to anybody.

Some Pics


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I have to agree with you guys.

He managed to rush my order of the 1.222 ratio to me before I flew out of the UK last year. He even explained everything I asked over the email before and after i made the purchase.

Hats off to Dave.

Now if only I can get him over to singapore to find where this problem in my landie is....

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they are certainly a pleasure to deal with. very helpful and informative. Dave has been extremely helpful to me with lots of questions on auto boxes and he didnt even supply it to me!!!

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Glad to hear some good stories as i might be in the market for a recon box soon and was a bit put off after Devon 4x4 had to put 4 boxes in my mates disco before they got a good one ,the first one didn't even have a reverse gear

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