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Front seats in the back of a CSW


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Since it was asked recently and I've just done it, I thought I'd post up a how-to.

I must confess I cheated - I made the passengers install their own seating :lol: since Dan & John are hitching a lift to Russia in the truck I thought it only fair that they make themselves at home :P

Base half made:


Upside-down view of the base, with a skin along the back side to stop things in the back sliding under the seats:


Another angle:


True to form, the guys went for 4mm plate for the sides but due to a miscalculation on the panel fit of Land Rovers ended up starting again using only 3mm plate. So only three times thicker than the standard LR seatbox then :lol:


Vince demonstrates the seating system:



The position was a trade-off of headroom, legroom, elbow room, and the ability to store anything of a useful size under the seats. As it is an ammo box or a 20T bottle jack fits perfectly underneath, which is handy as both of those things traditionally bounce round in the back of the truck being awkward, heavy, and difficult to get to if properly secured anywhere. Now you just lift a seat base to get to the toolbox, much better.


A centre cubby box will be knocked up for the northerners to keep flat caps, pies and whippets in. Looks like an eberspacher might find its way under one of the seats too, although that will be temporary as I can't see it being happy underwater.


The frame is 1" box section, the uprights are steel plate and the front & rear are skinned in chequerplate because that's what we had, distasteful though it may be. Very wisely, Dan made the outer frame and then welded the two inner rails in to match the seat runners themselves, rather than assume LR can make something twice to the same measurements :ph34r:

The sliders were removed to save height and because there's no real need for them.

Thanks go to Dan & John for a job well done.

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Snagger - good looking back seats! mind if I ask how they are fastened under the floor? I bought a set of Exmoor trim seats (the ones that fold) but I'm contemplating bolting them to the floor similar to yours. I had to mount them on top of the side boxes like yours, because if not the passengers could not get inbetween!

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