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110 Max Gross vehicle weight

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Hi folks.

I'm planning to upgrade my 109 with coiler axles (for the better steering lock, to get rid of the steering kick-back in 4wd and to have disc brakes all round). I have sourced a good second hand Discovery I 200Tdi front axle, but have subsequently discovered that the brake pads (an thus callipers) are smaller than on a Tdi/TD5 110.

I know that Discoverys are heavier vehicles than 110s, but obviously a commercial 110 has a big gross weight for cargo and heavy towing. On the other hand, Discoverys get used a lot as commercial vehicles and for towing big caravan and boat trailers, and generally travel faster than 110s too.

So that I can try to gauge whether the braking capacity of the Discovery axle will be sufficient for my 109, could anyone please tell me the maximim gross weight for a Defender 110, since the 110 is so directly comparable to the 109?

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