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V8 carbs dribbling fuel out

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I started the car up as it's been sat for 4 weeks now, it idled very nicely for 5 minutes and then I noticed a strong smell of fuel. I changed the fuel filter this week so I looked there for a leak, but saw that under the car on the other side was a steady stream of petrol. It's coming from a pipe on the carbs, I think it's coming from the offside carb pipe but as thats under the one from the nearside, it could just have been dripped on. Any reason why it should be coming out of there? Never noticed it before so I'm fairly sure it's new.

The stream is steady at idle but decreases as the throttle is pressed and then stops around 3000rpm.



Also the rear axle is now leaking oil. I can't be sure but it looks like it's coming from a bolt on the diff nose quite high up. Any known issues with that or is this something new I've managed to discover...



Also the handbrake has managed to unfix itself despite being used once since I fixed it and it's been stood still since then...

Any help very gratefully received!

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HI mate your floats are sticking just give the carb a tap with a hammer around the dashpot area The reason it stops at 3000rpm is your using fuel faster than it can supply it!

Yeah after tapping it as you say, it soon stopped dripping. Thanks!

Bish, the nuts aren't loose, tried tightening them up but they didn't move. I'm thinking the gasket is the problem, not sure.

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