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The FlyingSpanners Ladoga '09 Blog

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We're doing this a bit different this year - with the gracious permission of the mods this thread will be locked and all blogging & associated chat will continue as normal on the HOFS Forum set up for the purpose of keeping team banter from cluttering up this fine establishment ;)

>>> Click for Blog <<<

There are also individual vehicle blogs etc.

So, please follow the link above and if you want to join in with the heckling then it's a quick job to register for the HOFS forum.

There are more forumers than ever this year, I've probably missed a couple but off the top of my head this list is:

The usual HOFS suspects:



Yours truly

Protoprincess is sitting at home with her feet up, the slacker :ph34r:

Joined by the Shire LRC Tourism team:





Ryan in support

Followed by the Belgian contingent:

Escape & friends

And a familiar face in TR2:


I could go on, but you'll just have to click the link!

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