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W Wire on alternator - where does it go to?

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1996 300tdi 90

Im going to fit a rev counter - there is a small guage White wire on the alternator W connector - which I havent reconnected since fitting a new alternator, cos its a spade on the wire and a post on the alternator (lazy eh?!) and all works as it should - a rev couter works from pulses from the W connecteor so the cunning plan is to use the existing wire, but heres the drama, where does the other end of the white wire come out of the loom? Whats it for? The Haynes book of lies doesnt even show it..........It would be really helpful if it appeared behind the radio or the speedo housing. Anyone any ideas? If it comes to it Ill just run a new wire in through the bulkhead.....but it would be neat if the white wire reappeared somewhere usable..............



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