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Load of bull?


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Good day. This is a question posted on a local South African forum:


My father drives a 2008 new spec Disco 3 the S model with 25000km on the clock,we were driving to J/burg the weekend when the computer gave the following message.Engine system fault and the Disco suddenly lost power.We phoned Land Rover assist and told us it could be dirty diesel.My father took his Disco in today to have the problem checked.The dealer told him the turbo arm is rusted and thats why the Disco lost power.The next comment from the dealer confuses me,he said because my father uses his car only on weekends,meaning his not driving a lot caused the turbo arm to rust.Is this true ? "

You can find it on http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php?t=32508

What do you guys think of this?

Shocking stuff have happened at our dealers here. They have a reputattion of messing up vehicles, and talking carp. Their way of diagnosing problems is to replace the expansive parts and hope they get it right (there are exceptions)

But this is a bit much?

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Shouldn't matter - it'll still be under warranty.

Unless it says somewhere in the handbook that you have to drive it everyday, then it simply isn't fit for purpose. He's not done anything wrong or against what they tell you to do so it will be a warranty job.

My mother had an issue with a vauxhall vectra about 10 years ago, I'm not 100% sure what the fault was - something about the valves sticking. It was outside of it's warranty and the vauxhall garage told her it was due to her not driving fast enough, they said the vectra was designed to run up and down the motorway at atleast 80mph. She made an excuse of needing to speak to my dad about it before authorising any work and asked them to write down what they were telling her so she wouldn't forget - the idiots wrote the whole lot out. She then forwarded that to Vauxhall HQ along with a message saying that the car wasn't fit for purpose due to needing to drive it at illegal speeds. They wrote straight back offering to fix it free of charge as a goodwill gesture

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I have seen several of these not sure what the problem is exactly but often requires a new turbo, I think the problem is electrical (stupid electrical actuator on the turbo vanes, about as reliable as the stupid electric actuator on the handbrake...)

I would take the rusty turbo arm and shove it somewhere painful.

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My mate has a garage and has had two disco td5's recently for services, the last services on both were done at lr dealers... you wouldn't believe the things they didn't do that they said they had. Shocking, and here's me considering buying a new disco to use everyday... think i'll stick with the golf tdi:D

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Thanks. These dealers must be utterly idiotic. Do they even know forums like these exist?
I doubt it. Most franchise sales staff and managers are not LR enthusiasts themselves, and only see the products as work horses, prestige cars or fashionable cars. They don't seem to understand enthusiasts at all, so would never concieve of forums or clubs.
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