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TDV6 Defender

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A question about a dream I have that probably will not become reality any time soon.

One day when I'm all grown up, want to transplant Disco3 TDV6 into a Defender (Even RR TDV8, but lets keep it realistic)

Anybody tried this yet, know of any links? Anybody willing to donate some cash to me so that I can do it :lol:

Seriously. Think recipient 90 Tdi scrapped engine. Squeeze a TDV6 and same disco auto (I would still prefer manuel), defender transfer box, maby upgrade side/drive shafts. Add some lift, proper BFGoodrich tyres, ARB diff.....

I know almost anything can be done if you spend enough time and money, but realisticly? Only the engine gearbox for a start ?

Or dream on...

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The general idea isnt that difficult. What i'd do is cut the front end off the TDV* transmission, and jig/weld it onto the R380 bellhousing after some careful machining to get the lengths right and everything aligned correctly.

Find a suitable flywheel and clutch assembly, or have one custom made. Seen as the TDV6 is based on a jaguar engine (iirc?) you may find that the standard jaguar flywheel and clutch will fit, with perhaps a custom friction plate to take the gearbox's input shaft.

The wiring looms on the TDV* engines will probably be a quite involved as they no doubt are integrated into some kind of body control module. Not entirely insurmountable problem though, would just likely mean you need half the wiring loom from the donor disco/rangey and the ECU's the engine wants to talk to.

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Sounds possible.

What would be better, TDV6/8 on an auto main box with defender transfer, or TDV6 with R380 makeshift adapter. Personal prefrence set aside.

One other thing in Africa, you can have troubles VERY far from civilization. Of these two wich would be more reliable if both options are done by someone that knows how to?

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  • 3 years later...

I am now at a point where I can start calculating cost. Competition truck, tdv6, manual.

Idea is to get an old tired Td5 110 hard top, put in a TDV6 For engine management I am looking at either




My adapter plate will have to be made locally, also modified input shaft, clutch etc.

My question is if the R380 will do OK or will a 6speed Puma box be better?

Thinking towards a Richards 100" chassis, not sure about the rest of the drive train and suspension yet

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That is why I am asking regarding the 6peed from the Puma.

Sourcing a D3 Manual is just about impossible. They sold it with some of the early 4.0 Ford V6 petrol Disco3's. Very scarce. Plus it does not fit on the LT230. If adapter plate is to be made I want it between the motor and box.

Is that 380 in metric or Church of England?

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Easiest route that I can see:

- Buy Disco 3

- Remove body

- Bolt on Defender body

Mating transmissions is going to be a pain, as has been said an R380 isn't going to cut it, why not just use the complete Disco engine/box/transfer then all you have to worry about is propshafts.... and everything downstream of them.

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