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Disco 300tdi into 2.5NA

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Thinking of an engine change from my existing 2.5NA to possibly a 300tdi seeing as most 200tdi's have mega mileage.

I've read about 300tdi conversions using the rear 2.5NA plate swopped over to the 300tdi to allow it to be mounted to the LT77 but it ends up with the engine sat a long way back in the engine bay.

My exisiting gearbox is shot so im looking at a Ashcroft refrub anyway, I could upgrade to an R380-but this is where my questions begin;

Is it possible to use R380 mounting brackets on a LT77 chassis?

Would using a R380 'box put the engine further forward in the engine bay-and would it sit in the proper position to use the standard factory hoses from either a disco or defender?

Does the whole engine/gearbox/transfer box sit in a different position on defender 300tdi's hence the different propshaft part numbers?

lastly, would changing the tranny tunnel and footplates to 300tdi ones be enough or would I need to modify the bulkhead as well?

Thanks in advance!

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in a 300Tdi Defender the engine sits up & over the front axle whereas your existing engine sits back & behind the front axle & the bell housing & gearbox shaft in much longer than your existing LT77 or my shortshaft R380 on my 200Tdi,

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Hi...I'm from Malaysia...I'm looking at the same conversion too....

What I have now

LR 90, 2.5NA with LT77, electric fan from volvo, brake servo from toyota

What I intend to fit into my LR 90

Disco 300tdi, R380, power steering, radiator with intercooler and axles

What I have found from various forums

- Engine mounting and gearbox mounting would need to be relocated.

- Gear lever will be located at front part of cubby box front instead of original gear lever position. (But since I'm using electric fan, might be possible have gear level at original gear level position by locating engine and gearbox forward. Driving position should be still possible even with gear level at the front part of cubby box position, about 2-3" from original position of transfer box lever)

- Propeller shaft length may need to be customised. (I prefer not to have it customised)

- Wiring can be reuse

- Radiator legs need to be shorten as well as located backward closer to engine as disco hoses & pipings are short. (I might be able to position the engine & gearbox further front as I'm using eletric fan, so more space available between fan and engine)

- Power steering probably direct mount with some mounting adjustment

- Axle should be direct swap

- Use EGR blanking plate to easy the wiring

- Exhaust downpipe should need some fabrication work

- Air filter box either reuse disco or will customise some other air filter box and add in snorkel

I might reuse LT230 transfer box if the half cut disco doesn't come with transfer box. I feel using entire engine, gearbox and transfer box from disco would be easier, then I would just need to customise the propeller shaft. Also, with disco transfer box, the gear ratio is lower, so possible to travel faster on highways.

I will update as soon as the modification takes off. I'm still doing some reading to know what is the amount of work require to be done.

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hello i have just done this in my 90 use existing gearbox mounts so your props pick up as normal etc use 90 gearbox crossmember,use disco 300 engine mounts cut out metal bits from disco chassis and weld into 90 chassis, cut a little bit out of seat box to allow gearsticks to fit and make a section up to form new tunnel

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my country regulations does not allow any welding done on the chassis. So, got to fabricate new mounting for the engine. As for the gear shift, I think possible to adjust forward to prevent cutting the seat box. Anyway, I have decide to abandon the project cause too costly. But might consider fitting 200tdi engine instead and reuse the gearbox and transferbox. Less work required. Hence, cheaper.

Just need 200tdi engine, air filter box. Radiator will be reuse and intercooler will be added. Intercooler from cars can be easily purchased from breakers.

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