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IT .......... LEAKS !

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:angry: Finally got round to fitting new radiator yesterday after spending the last week constantly topping up a leaking system.

Did not take long and it was straight forward except for some misalignment on the top bracket. Filled the system up with antifreeze and water and checked its all back together before starting .

Waters dripping at bottom of rad! Looked like water coming from top hose. tightened top hose clip more, still leaked.

Took off hose, cleaned around inside of hose, reconnected, still leaked. Took off hose ,connectd two clips,reconnected, still leaked. Took off hose, trimmed tatty end with stanley,reconnected, still bloody leaked.

At this point i suspected the rad (but its brand new) .Bung up the top pipe and test i thought. I did this and topped the water up and it still ........ing leaked .ITS THE BRAND NEW RADIATOR !

Not only does it leak but the reason for misalignment is that it is twisted.

Bought from a LR retailer supplied to them by a manufacturer whose quality control is non existant. (can I mention names)?

Would it be better to have my original rad reconditioned for the second time or go for a new one.

The new one I had was an ali and plastc repro

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"B" ?


:) New Radiator gone back for testng before i can get my money! The whole episode wasted so much time from ordering to sending back.At least 4days of working LR non use. In end i had my leaking rad recored locally (4miles).

Took it in Mon pm, picked it up tues pm as good as new .Bagshot Radiators ,excellent service. Should have done it in the first place.

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