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converting a 110

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is it possible to install windows, doors , and seats on a 110 comercial ? i have just bought one and would be greatful for any advice- thank-you

There are a few companies out there (Liveridge 4x4 for example) that will put windows + seats in your van for you; I was quoted £2000 a few years back to get the job done.

However, installing seats + windows will result in your vehicle having to be reclassified, and instead of paying £180/yr road tax you will have to pay a heap more.

The alternative is to install a middle seat in the front, or bench seats. I've gone one step further and given my missus (who usually ends up sitting in the back if there are more than three of us to cart around) additional creature comforts like ply linning and a load liner.


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wot ralph said... the body supports are also different, if you just want windows and seats these are quick and cheap to do yourself, windows are approx £140 a pair for sliding ones, seats are cheap off ebay, unless you are registered as a business user fitting seats and windows should not have any effect on your tax. My 110 is a van type and I pay the same tax as everyone else...


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