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Throttle cables

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Hmmm...odd. Even in a straight line it is too short. It only needs to negotiate around the brake servo.

Maybe i'll just order a standard new one and hope it's longer!

One I have hear measures exactly 2 metres clevis to clevis if that helps.


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Well, the new one arrived this morning....

It isn't quite the right one, but a bit of fettling and it fits ok. Plenty long enough!

However, it has a funny sort of spring bit at the pedal end that seems to be to stop the cable/fittings from flexing when the throttle hits an end stop. But when under tension, the cable is so stiff that this spring starts to compress - as a result I never get full throttle. The cable moves fine when not under load. It is part number SB104300.

Any suggestions? I'm tempted just to fill the spring housing with epoxy....

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I did a very similar thing, think I slotted a length of tube in the end and wedged it in. Bloody stupid design if you ask me as it doesn't seem to do owt particularly useful <_<

It's there so that if you mash the pedal to metal you don't break the cable.

If it is weaker than the throttle return spring then as you rightly say it's a bloody stupid design.


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