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Speedometer,temp guage & oil guage

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:unsure: I bought a new antenae and in the course of pushing the wire into the pannel and right through to the radio something went wrong. No glowplug light (orange in color) came on hence could not start the truck. Checked the fuse and the 30amps main pannel fuse had blown. Got a new one and took a little drive around the neighbourhood. The 3 items above have simply sang the last verse!! Anyone been into this? I am utterly down! Help <_<
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Hmmm :unsure: Connector? I have the "tummy" of the dashboard in my hands but can,t find any wire dangling. All looks intact. Will try posting some pics tomorrow. Any idea of what this connector looks like, Ralph? :huh:

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:huh: Been behind panels and done all sort of pushings and twistings. What has happened is that when I turn on the high/flash light everythign works, but when it is on low lights, it ceases to work. What can the fault be?

Anyone been into this? :(

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