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OSF Window Carrier/Base?


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Hi guys. I'm going to post this on the Request for Part Number section too but I wondered where I can source the metal and rubber base, sort of a carrier or long narrow rubber lined tray, on the window that screws on to the sliding bar on regulator arms? I replaced the regulator and a new one didn't come with that, understandably, but the original is badly corroded. I've heard that its bonded to the window and isn't available seperately but this doesn't make sense though I'm happy to be enlightened. Well, maybe not happy if it means buying a window just to renew it!!

I've had a good look through the site and haven't spotted any threads that may include/mention it and I've had a look at the usual suppliers sites and same again. Not knowing its correct name isn't helping!



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Agreed bobtail. That was the first reg I'd ever done and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. Bit miffed about the lifter fixer strip part failing after I'd fit the reg but not phased by it as I now know how straight forward it is.......you watch, now I've said that it'll be a bugger!!

I've asked Tony if I can add some pics to the post on the window reg replacement in the tech section for novices like me, basic stuff that I had to find out by doing. May make it easier for someone else or let 'em see it's not difficult as a DIYer. I'll leave that until I've replace the lifter fixing strip and add that in too.

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