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Air bag warning light


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Hello all,I have a 2002 Freelander,the air bag warning light has started to come on after

start up,the book says that when you turn the ignition on the light comes on and then should go off after 5 secs,

mine does go off after 5 secs but comes on again and stays on period,can anyone please explain how I can stop it.

the book also says it should be taken to a Landrover dealer to be seen too,and as we all know what is that going

to cost me,would it be legal to just disable it?..

thanks mayanbilly

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SRS is not part of the MOT test like ABS etc,so no problem there.One thing you can do is to disconnect and reconnect the seatbelt pretensioner connectors under the front seats.Just make sure the ignition is switched off when you do it.The SRS ecu may require a few key on / off cycles to clear the fault,(If thats what it was,it is the most common fault.) and get the light to go out.

I wouldnt try to disable the system as it would probably try to give whatever functionality it could in an accident.Best really to get it diagnosed if the above does not work.

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Another common-ish fault is the rotary coupler in the steering wheel and there is no way of fixing that. Bad news is it'll wipe out a couple of hundred quid for a new one (stamp it "safety critical" and add a 0 to the price...) and you'll need a computer twice, first time to confirm the fault and then to clear the fault code afterwards.

I'm amazed the SRS isn't part of the MOT, kind of illogical really isn't it!

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