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300 tdi bulkhead onto 200 tdi motor

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Currently re chassising my 90 and i bought a mint condition 300 tdi bulkhead complete with wiring etc etc.....

Problem is how do i wire it up to serve a 200tdi motor and the existing wiring loom on the 90??

If anyone could help please do as i have lost far too much sleep over this haha!!!!



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Depends on whether you are mechanically minded or electrically minded.

The 300Tdi loom has different connectors. If you can work the loom out by following it back and diagrams then cutting and shutting the two looms together is an option.

For me, taking the dash out and putting the 200tdi loom in would be much quicker.

I've just put a 300tdi bulkhead on a TD. I pulled the loom straight out. But then again I was going for a "bare" bulkhead respray anyway. I did (very briefly) think about transplanting the "blade" style fusebox over!

If the "new" bulkhead has a steering column on it check your wheel fits as the spline count could be different.

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assuming you dont have both parts of the 300 engine connector loom you could use your existing 200 engine plug. keep the engine wiring as it is, then take the other part of the plug and just wire that into the existing 300 loom already on the bulkhead to save stripping out the bulkhead to replace it with older wires. there will only be starter, 12v perm, oil pressure, fuel cut off and coolant to really worry about anyway. i would then do the same with plugs for the heater, rear lights, reverse switch. i think the diff lock one is the same anyway as is brake level. quicker to change 4 connectors i would of thought than strip a bulkhead remove wiring and then re wire

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