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Reversing light regulations

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Somewhere, recently, there was a discussion on reversing light regulations; power, location, etc.:unsure:

And now I can't find it. :(


Are there any rules on location? I'm thinking quite low down, possibly on crossmember to help find trailer draw bar in dark.

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Worklamps are allowed by SVA. It must not be possible to swivel them.

In my case they are connected in to the reversing lights.

Just looked through the manual and cannot find anything about them being switched out when moving forwards.


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I do have a pair of 50mm 'bullet' type white fog lamps under my rear bumper of my car as 'work lamps'.

They are connected to the reversing lamps via a no volt release contactor so that I can only operate them after I have selected reverse, if they are needed, and then they self cancel when I come out of reverse. Really useful when reversing a trailer down a narrow track in the dark as I can see where my trailer wheels are in the mirrors. The beams are aimed right at the trailer tyres.

It got through the last MOT without a question.

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