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Old Lady with starting problems

arthur dent

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I`m new to this forum.

Let me introduce myself:

I´m a nice bloke from Germany, at the moment with a real problem getting the old lady going... :(

Today I´ve fitted new Fuel Lines, because the old ones, fitted by the last owner where carp.

So far so good. No problems with fitting these.

But when I tried to start the engine nothing happened. The starter motor is cranking the engine, but it doesn´t fire up.

There is petrol coming from the feed pipe, it poped off, when it wasn´t tightened. There is no petrol coming from the return pipe...

It seems as if there is something blocked.

Could the pressure regulator be the problem? Maybe it´s now broken. Can I check this thing?

I don´t want to buy a new one just to find out it wasn´t the cause for the problem.

I hope my english isn´t too bad... :rolleyes:

Thanks for your help


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I think there is pressure, because the feed hose pops off the pipe when not tightened,

Question: the feed pipe goes directly to the pressure regulator, doesn´t it?

When dismantling it I was sure the flow is from the regulator to the fuel rail and then back to the tank.

I´m not sure by now :huh:

Say it is the other way round...


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Simple check:

The pressure line from the fuel pump goes into the plain end of the fuel rail.

The pressure regulator releases fuel back to the tank to regulate the pressure.

If you've reversed them then it won't run.

If this isn't the problem, look in the technical archive for the Hotwire EFI fault finding guide and work methodically through it (I think LSE's were hotwire EFI but could also be flapper).

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