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Fitting anti-burst locks to a Series


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I used the search button and found this:

You can get anti burst door locks to fit that door. I had them on my 1980 S3 Safari. I think it would be a straight swap. The little locking lever on the iside is also neater then the big silver twist lock you have there.

Looking in my 1980 Optional Parts catalogue

395037 OS front and back door

395038 NS front door

395294 OS catch and rear catch

395295 NS catch

You may beed shims as well but those can be made from bits of ali plate with slots in for the bolts.

So is it just a case of ordering the parts listed above, making an extra hole in the driver's door for the lock, and bolting it all together? I need to so something as the standard Series latches don't support the door well enough on rough roads, they all rattle (not helped by the hinges wearing out, they're being replaced too) so I'm hoping anti-burst locks will add a bit more support to actually hold the door in place rather than just closed.

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Yep, just make a hole in the door for the lock barrel to poke through and bolt in to original holes. Did this on my series cos the latches were all knackered and wasnt much more expensive, doors shut with a nice clunk now which is an added bonus.


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