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Derbyshire Lanes advice needed

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Having missed the forum trip I'm planning a trip into Derbyshire with a couple of friends to explore the lanes. Would someone who knows them please take a few minutes to check them over for me? Just to confirm my direction of travel is ok and so on.

I've compiled a list and could pm or email it to someone already familiar with them? I've listed the start and finish of each route using the bdcc site (x marks the spot) so it should be fairly simple to check.

I've checked here on peak park sensitive routes list and am fairly certain non are on the list I've made.


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also check out www.trailwise.org.uk

has a very good map function and the peakdistrict website suggests you use it as

it does appear to show the up-to-date status of most routes

I also have a nice list of legal routes as well that i could email you in either garmin or memory map format. They will need checking against any of the TROs listed on the peaks website though, as its been a year since i have driven them.

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