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Self Leveling Switch


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I have been having problems with my 2002 td5 Disco suffering from a bit of a lean.

Having inspected the underside i noticed that the rubber bush/ring on the bottom of the SLS arm has snapped and therefore when the vehicle tries to level itself the bush/ring lifts off the bolt rather than adjusting its self to suit the position of the body/chassis.

It sounds like a pretty common fault and was seriously thinking about putting the thing on springs as the air seems to be causing one problem after another.

However i was advised to leave it on air as when i am towing the air will keeo the car level were as the springs will compress depending on what weight is being pulled.

I was also told that you cannot simply fit a new switch it has to be calibrated after fitting to set it to the correct position,

Does anyone know if this is correct?

Also anyone changed from air to springs and found any difference when towing?

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If you change to springs then you should turn off the air system and tell the SLABS ecu that it now has springs......if your in REDCAR give us a shout and i can soon plug it in and switch it over or calibrate the new switch if you have any probs when fitting it.

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