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TD5 Chassis Crossmember Differences

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I'm trying to work out what exactly changed with the rear crossmember circa 2002.

I'm looking to buy a new tub for the rebuild and i've noticed my chassis doesnt have the appropriate lugs on the crossmember to take the earlier style tub. Looking at photos it seems the tubs are very similar, and i'm wondering if its just a case of the mounting lugs on the chassis being in a different place? Ie instead of the threaded bit being on the tub, its on some kinda bracket on the chassis.

It would be good to know if i can use either an early or late style rear tub to ease my search.

What exactly holds the rear tub onto the chassis on the >2002 models? Is there some kinda bolt on bracket that i need to find?

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.


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The mounting brackets on a TD5 atre absent. In replacement you get a full width piece of angle (rail). This has some adjustment on the crossmember and supposedly makes it easire for bodywork alignment. The rail sits behind the tub unlike the tabs on older chassis.

Look at Marshlands site. I think they were a OEM supplier to LR and when they stopped prodcuing for LR they could produce for themselves!

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Makes sense, looking at marslands website, i can use that rail with either pre or post tubs, and its adjustable to sit either outside or inside....

Anyone got a part number for that rail? i'll need to get myself one!


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