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Is all this pointing where I think it is?

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So after spending the past few weeks on these forums, decided to 1] never use a dealer again, 2] majority of basic repairs myself 3] shop around for prices on parts. The only thing wrong with this is I am not very experienced in vehicle repairs. I might overlook something, or even not be aware of something that is wrong. Something an experienced Landy mechanic could pick up effortlessly. Luckily there is a world of knowledge here

Symptoms: Defender 110 hard top Tdi 150k km

1] Pulling left any speed, regardless of the pitch of the road surface. Hard breaking pulling right (if I remember correctly, will confirm on my way home later) Tried swapping tyers all round, no effect. this was for the past 20-40k km

2] Play between engine pushing and pulling. There was always that familiar clunk when pulling away, but it is worse now, and the play is increasing.

3] Second type of clunk audiable on the rear axile when braking (sometimes) and changing direction (almost all the time, especially turning left around normal corners). Also on a rough track, but not in every single hollow the wheel hits.


1] Worn suspension bush/bushes (they are still the same since new...)

2] A-frame ball joint worn


Replace all. Guess I could use a tyre lever to determmine the exact bush and only replace the one, but I am a firm belever in preventative mainenance


1] Are all these assumptions/ deductions correct?

2] Will it solve the problems? At least most of the problems?

3] What else should I look at

Thanks all!!!

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Things to check-

- Tracking - if out can also show up as pulling in one direction or another.

- Brakes - pulling under hard braking could be down to axle steer due to worn bushes, but also check that you haven't got a seized caliper on one side, and that your discs / pads aren't contaminated.

- rear axle clunk - 110's tend to suffer with wear on the splines between the half shafts and the drive flanges on the rear axle - cheap enough to replace if swapping like for like.

- If you are replacing bushes, do so as an axle set at the very least - preferably replace all though. My personal preference is for Super Pro polybushes - fit and forget.

- Check also for play in the propshaft - I've serviced a couple of vehicles recently which had slightly loose propshaft bolts - you wouldn't believe the amount of play that can produce! Also check to make sure you've got no loose suspension bolts. They can and do work loose.

I'd suggest you replace the bushes as a matter of course, and work through things like loose bolts etc as you go.

Hope this helps.


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probably bushes as above but if that doesnt cure it thinking again:

sticky caliper binding on left making the vehicle pull that way when driving then pulls right under braking as left hand caliper not moving?

is the disc hot

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Thanks all.

Did a firm braking test last night (quiet road of course) hands not on the wheel. She came to stand still straight and true. The road was flat. Will definately check the brakes annyway. Just for good measure.

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