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Alternator problem


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One day all was fine. Next day i've got battery light and no rev counter. For a while the light would go out then back on again, but still no rev counter. Now the light is on full time. Alternator done or could it be a bad earth or something more sinister. I've had the unit off and checked all the terminals to no avail. It's one thing after another right now. Any help greatly appreciated. Dave.

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Bad connection on the back of the alternator??

I went through a mud trap on the weekend and following that had exactly the same symtoms. Pulled over, the whole engine and engine bay including the underneath of the bonnet was gipping with mud, I let it dry out all hunky dorey again.

So I'm guessing maybe just check the rev couter connection at the back?? of the alternator and any earth connections, also heard of these being dodgy

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Do you have a multimeter? If so check the charge by starting the engine and sticking it across the battery, From memory it should read 13,2v minium,

If its not that check the back of the alternator with 1 meter lead on the charge wire( the fat one to the battery) and the other on a good earth, If you dont get 13,2 across here then the alternator is dead.

Also does you battery light come on when you turn on the ignition? If it dosent then its either a wire or dead.

Hope that makes sense


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Hello, thanks for the replies. I did take the unit off and clean all the connections but to no avail. My multimeter is in Skeg and I'm in Kent so couldnt use that. So, as we've got the long weekend from work, I didnt want to leave my truck on the caravan site (farm) all weekend with nobody around, thought I might be able to make it to my works yard about 10 miles away which has security. Got a couple of miles and the speedo went so I turned around to head back and got about 100 yards before it died. Called the AA and the bloke stuck a booster pack in the engine bay and I drove it to the yard where it konked out again and I coasted into a parking space. AA man then checked it out with multimeter and confirmed it was the alternator that was dead so the fitter in the our workshop has ordered me a new one which I'll stick on next week. Stageonesimmo wins a virtual watch. ;) Cheers. Dave

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Got my new alternator today and went about fitting it after work. First thing I noticed was the pully was smaller, then I noticed the rating - 120amp and the box has Range Rover written on it. I'm pretty sure microcat said it was a 100amp but I cant check now because it's not loading for some reason. The engine number and chassis number were given to the supplier and they're the ones the fitters use at work so should be pretty good. Other differences were thicker charge terminal, no raised screw on the side for the supressor and no rear cover, the old cover being different. Is there any other way to check it's the correct one? Thanks. Dave :(

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