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Restoring and upgrading work...


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I’ve been asked to advise (stop laughing) on a 'reputable' garage to carry out a bit of restoration work and an engine upgrade on a 2.5TD 90 CSW (F plate).

Basically, the vehicle is owned by someone quite well off, but rather than chop it in and get another, he’s minded to spend a bit of money on what he’s got. I haven’t viewed the vehicle, but as far as I can work out from the pictures I've been shown, there is a little bit of chassis welding to be done, he wants a new set of doors (including the rear door), a few cosmetic panel repairs and an upgrade to a 200 or 300TDi along with the gearbox and transfer box.

My ideas of garages to recommend extend to Gigglepin and another local garage called Dipsticks Garage, but I’m not sure it’s really up their street...

Time isn’t an issue as he has 3 other Range Rovers to use while this one is absent. The idea is to hand over the 90 and the garage can work on it as and when they have time and/or can get the parts...

Can anyone recommend a garage that might entertain this type of work in the Kent/Surrey/Essex area? Travelling isn't too much of an issue as it's all road legal.



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