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Advice on cleaning a starter motor

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Just pulled my bosch starter from a 300 TDi due to slightly sluggish starting (compared to my 200 Tdi. I have stuck the 200 starter on the 300 and it is much better. Had a look inside the Bosch starter and all looks OK (brushes etc) but there is a lot of black dust and carp in there. Waht is the best way to clean it up without doing any damage?



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errr....no. Used to great effect on many yacht starters. Admittedly they get a little salty which the diesel is very good at removing.

I meant commutator rather than slip rings....and of course let it dry out before refitting it.

Used the same trick on alternator rotors, winch parts, anything that gets covered in oil/muck/salt. Not so good with mud....

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