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2 " lift any one have any problems with bad vibration ??

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Hi all

On a 1986 90 swb which has a 2" lift when i come off the throttle i have a really bad vibration/grouching noise

When accererating there is no vibration or noise at all but as soon as i lift of the throttle to change gear or just slow down i get the loud harsh vibration !!

The prop is new and in good condition

I have heard some 90's have problems whena 2" lift is fitted causing diff bearings to fail.

Where go i start guys anyone had this sort of problems ??

Many thanks Chris

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I had the same sort of problem when I put a 2"lift and castor correction arms on my 90, I had to fit a wide angle front prop. You could try taking the front prop off and putting it in diff lock just to see if the vibration goes away.

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Cheers Tel

I will check the props first if there ok diff i supose would be the next thing

cheers chris

I have / had the same on my Defender 90, after an OME 2" lift there was exactly the sound you descibe when slowing down, overrun.

I removed the front propshaft and then drove in Diff lock and the noise / feeling was gone.

This is apparently solved with a Double Cardan jointed propshaft, the DiscoveryII front propshaft uses this joint, but required a Discovery output flange to be fitted to the transfer box. There are also issues that the cardan joint is not greasable, so in some instances fails quite quickly.

The solution I've gone for is to have a custom propshaft made for me by Propshaft Clinic, but they are out of the double cardan joint at the moment - I ordered Tuesday last week, and the chap isnt expecting them in until next Tuesday, then they have to make it and deliver, so 3+ weeks, but it will be fully greasable and have the standard Defender flange fitting.

This thread here: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=5502&st=0 shows what I'm hoping to get.

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Ive had this vibration but a wide angle prop didnt cure it i had to have a double cardon prop. The vibration was bad when i lifted mine to the point of having a new transfer box! So then i tried wide angle prop and cranked trailing arms which killed the second transfer box!! I now have the d/c jointed prop and everything is good!!!

You can buy aftermarket d/c props or the cheaper option is disco2 front prop but you will need the output flange for the transfer box. I bought a gkn d/c prop from jake at devon 4x4, nononsense and it arrived the following morning.

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