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my 2.25 petrol has an allergy to coolant


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Well having drained and refilled the system and changing the thermostat for a new genuine one, my 2.25 has started to dribble it's coolant out around the filler cap when warm. It ought to flow through to the overflow bottle but although the pipe is clear (ive blown down it) it doesnt seem to go down there as the level hasnt changed. Instead it just pours out around the cap. The level is about 1cm below the cap as haynes recommends, the only suggestions i can come up with is that there are some air locks and the air is expanding much quicker than the water would or that the radiator cap is at fault, not sealing well or with enough pressure.

Any help appreciated



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I would look to replace the radiator cap to begin with.

Agreed, cheap option.

Also check the neck doesn't have any dirt/damage to the mating surface, or that the gastet/rubber doesn't have any holes/tears.

Make sure the cap is on all the way - some radiators requre almost 3/4 of a turn to fully lock.


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