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Are there any good LR and / or 4x4 shows on any time soon? :D

We were puffing westward along the M4 from Reading area last Sunday and we must have passed dozens of Landy's going the other way at about 09:30 - must have missed another one! :(

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Last Sunday was the Newbury 4x4 and agricultural sort-out - otherwise known as 'Old Sodbury', or 'new old sodbury, or sodbury sort-out, or...... It's on twice a year in April and October...

Can't help on any coming up, but a quick look in the forum calendar might reveal more info...

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Excellent - thanks Steve - I'll keep that one bookmarked and and eye on it at all times ;)

Thanks Orange - didn't know that was there - knew we should have turned around Sunday and followed! :rolleyes:

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