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Rear Washer


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My rear washer has packed up so I turned to the Haynes Bumper Book of Fairy Tales seeking enlightenment.

I have an old capri manual somewhere that would have been more use.

I take it I'm correct in thinking that the reservoir at the front provides water to front and rear?

Front works fine but hit the button for the rear and nothing, no buzzing noise so I'm guessing its the pump, assuming that the rear washer is on a separate pump, where abouts is it?

After that I'm thinking the switch itself is a possibility but I'm open to ideas :)

Finally can someone confirm my suspicion that it is an MOT failure.


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yes the reservoir at the front supplies both front and rear and the pump for the rear is at the back of the reservoir if memory serves......

it could well be the switch so try that first as it's easier to get to ;)

as for the m.o.t. i'm not actually sure if the rear comes into it or not :huh: hopefully somebody else will come and answer that one :)

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The pump for the front and rear washer jets are the same, if you have head lamp washers that pump is a lot bigger.

As woody said swap the two pumps over to confirm it’s the pump and not the switch. the pumps are just pushed into the washer bottle through a rubber washer.

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Some people, me included, take the fuse out for the headlight washers as they are a complete waste of time and just mean that in the winter time you use 3x as much screen wash as you need to because the headlight washers activate whenever your lights are on and hose vast amounts of expensive screenwash onto the lights even if you didn't need it.

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A bit off topic I know but my passenger side headlight washer was broken off during one of my many bush excursions and now when I hit the washer switch it sends a lovely stream of water 3 ft up in the air and off to the left. It can be so amusing at times I'm thinking of breaking the other one off.

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3 ft up in the air and off to the left. It can be so amusing at times I'm thinking of breaking the other one off.

If you aligned them both to shoot over the roof you could do the driver behind you a favour, & wash his/hers as well. Obviously, they would have to use their own wipers.

One could have a little chaser light pop up notice to advise them to do just that. This could be activated when you hit the wash button. Music through an external speaker could also be added if desired. "Raindrops keep falling on my head", for instance or make it a variable menu. Handel's Water Music even.

You never know, it might work. :D :D :D :D

Then again, this could be a load of ballcocks. :D

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Well its not an MOT failure so thats a plus :)

And the advisory note was only for the ARB links so £30 to spend before the next MOT.

I did get it working, dont know what I did but the pump was spinning and shifting the water. However the 'spray' does leave something to be desired, sort of a pathetic dribble unless I have a mate standing at the back with a finger over one of the holes to boost the pressure.

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